Wedding Beer

Brimming pint of ale at swan brewery

Swans are elegant and graceful creatures and are known to mate for life. What better way to toast your wedding than with a glass of Swan Brewery ale?  Make Swan Gold, Swan Blonde or one of our seasonal specials your choice of wedding beer.

We can offer ale in various formats, dependent on the numbers at the wedding; the facilities for dispense available; whether it’s a DIY wedding or you’re booked in a venue.  We have bottled ales, bag in box fresh draught ale and casks of fresh draught ale.

Our brewery is open every Friday to sample beers, watch the brewing process and discuss any particular requirements you have for your wedding beer.

Our best selling ales are Swan Gold – a 4% refreshing golden ale, Swan Blonde 3.7% all Herefordshire hopped blonde ale and Ruffled Feathers – a 3.8% crisp, amber ale. There are specials every month, such as Swan on the Wye or Swan Love.

We’re very flexible in terms of collections and deliveries and can lend cradles, taps and pegs. We can offer advice on how to store and serve the ale. For real ale aficionados we can even lend a bar and hand pulls (beer engines).