Party Beer


Our shop is open every Friday 9am to 2.30pm for bottles and party beer.  On monthly beer tasting days we are open longer hours.  We’re also “open” whenever we are on site brewing or racking, which is usually Mondays and Tuesdays but you might have to bear with us if we are at a critical stage!


The larger quantities of party beer available are all multiples of nine; 9, 18, 36, 72 pints.  We prepare the beer in a particular way, which is known as “bright”, so that you can set up and be drinking Swan Brewery ales in minutes; there is no need to wait for the beer to settle.  To allow time to prepare the brights we require 48 hours’ notice.

Swan Gold mini cask party beer
Swan Gold 9 pint mini cask party beer

Swan Gold is our most popular party beer and as a guide the prices for this ale, inclusive of duty and VAT are: 9 pint mini cask £19, 18 pint polypin £28, 36 pint polypin £50, 72 pint firkin £90.  Other beers can be prepared for parties and pricing is similar and can be advised on application.

Our brewery shop is open 9.00 to 2.30 on Fridays and other times by arrangement.  You can collect your order during that time, or it may be possible for us to deliver.  Please contact us on or 07377 728822.

For the 2 larger quantities of party beer, 36 or 72 pints these are available also in traditional format.  Guidance can be given on how these are to be set up, settled and dispensed.

The dates for tasting days in 2018 are: 4th May = Swan Love 4.0%; 8th June = Leominster Festival; 6th July = Marches Morris Festival.  Further dates to follow.