Our Brewery

Head Brewer Jimmy Swan hand brews every gyle of ale at Swan Brewery
Jimmy Swan hand brews every gyle of ale

As a 10 barrel brewery – 2880 pints in every batch – we are classed as a microbrewery, and it’s a scale of brewing that we love.  What constitutes a brewery?  Our main brewery equipment consists of a grist case, hot liquor tank, mash tun, copper and 3 fermentation vessels.

In addition there is the Cygnet brewery.  This 360 pint brewery is used for beer recipe development, small batches of special ales, and to propagate our yeast, meaning that we can use wet yeast in its natural state, never dried, and thus manage this all-essential raw material to ensure consistency.

Checking the temperature of the mash at Swan Brewery
Checking the temperature of the mash

Half of the brewery is given over to the wet activities of mashing, boiling, fermenting and racking.  For every pint of Swan Brewery ale, around 4 pints of water are used in the production, hence good drainage is essential.  Our brewing area is raised up with central drainage and a slight fall towards.  We keep the area hygienic through good production practices, helped by a flooring of epoxy resin and walls finished with antimicrobial paint.

The rest of the microbrewery is given over to storage of raw materials, our cask store and our loading area.

One of the first pieces of equipment installed was a shelf for a digital radio and speakers – Radio 6 Music fuels the Head Brewer’s creativity.

You’ll find the brewery at Unit 17 on Brunel Road on the Enterprise Park in Leominster.  That’s the set of workshops tucked in near to the police station.  We’re really pleased we’ve been able to establish the brewery in Leominster; it’s a great town and community.