Winter Swanderland

Winter Swanderland Pump Mockup

Colour: Ruby.

Hops: First Gold, Endeavour.

Grains: Pale Maris Otter, crystal, wheat, chocolate.

Availability: For polypins Jan 21.

"A beautiful pint - we're happy tonight - make mine a Winter Swanderland."  Ruby-coloured warming winter ale Winter Swanderland will make you smile.  Firstly the name was voted in after the head brewer added the -derland to the frankly boring Winter Swan that it might have been.  A poll was created and Winter Swanderland won hands down.  The beer itself has a rich, deep, inviting colour.  Endeavour hops from Stocks Farm in Suckley, Worcestershire lend a light blackcurrant aroma.  There is a slight sweetness on the palate and a strength of 4.8% delivering the warming characteristics to this seasonal ale.

Winter Swanderland Tasting Day November 23rd 2018

You could enjoy Winter Swanderland following some strenuous snowman building in the meadow.

From the archives 2018:
We're launching Winter Swanderland at a Tasting Day at the brewery on Friday 23rd November from 9am to 6pm.  As well as ale, there will be gin, cider, perry, damson port, chutneys, oils, home wares and enamel wares.  We're delighted to have Kotlich Cooking with us, serving soup.  They'll have their range of enamel ware for sale too.