Barrel of Laughs

Clouded chuckleberry wheat beer Barrel of Laughs 4.4% Swan Brewery

Colour: Golden, naturally clouded, merest pinkish blush.

Hops: First Gold, Styrian Wolf.

Grains: Malted wheat, pale Maris Otter malt.

Availability: 28th March 2018 for a single gyle.

Try saying chuckleberry without a grin taking over your lips and you'll see what a good fit the name Barrel of Laughs is.  Launching just before April Fool's Day, this wheat beer waves a hankie for the Leominster Morris team and all of the morris teams coming along for the Marches Morris Festival in the summer.  Join us for a bell-jingling, stick-thwacking, braces-pinging very fine drink of Barrel of Laughs wheat beer at the brewery on Good Friday 30th March 9-3 at our free tasting day.

The balance of malted wheat and pale Maris Otter malt in our recipe for Barrel of Laughs clouded chuckleberry wheat beer creates a continental, juicy taste.  The natural cloudiness creates a depth to the golden colour of this wheat beer with a kiss of pink from the chuckleberries.  Unfined, therefore with a natural haze, this is a vegan beer.

Hop character is delivered by early First Gold and late Styrian Wolf which offer citrus notes; we pick up the grapefruit in particular.  Now what of the chuckleberries? Full marks if you can list redcurrant, gooseberry and jostaberry for the ancestry of this smile-inducing little fruit.  They look like blackberries and it's certainly a red fruit aroma that they impart. We looked to these Herefordshire-grown chaps to add a tartness and bite to Barrel of Laughs, infusing them in the finished beer in the fermentation vessel for one week.  The strength of 4.4% works for this complex, characterful beer encouraging considered quaffing.