Swan Gold

Swan Gold refreshing golden ale

Colour: Golden.

Hops: Admiral, Saaz, Celeia.

Grains: Pale malt, wheat, crystal

Availability: Always available.

A golden ale of 4.0% strength, Swan Gold is our flagship brew, well regarded for being refreshing, yet offering up character.  The hops in this golden ale are locally grown Admiral; Czech Saaz and Slovenian Celeia.  More usually found in classic lagers, Saaz is one of the 4 European 'Noble Hops', hence there's something to identify with amongst those who might coin themselves lager drinkers.  Saaz lends floral, herbal and spicy notes to Swan Gold from its addition at the end of the boil in the copper and dry hopping in the fermentation vessel after fermentation is complete.

Swan Gold is readily available for take home sales direct from the brewery in 9, 18 and 36 pint sizes and is our best selling draught beer for take outs, click and collect and home delivery.

We'd like to enjoy Swan Gold after an early evening stroll by the River Lugg, with the light shimmering and bright, and the gentle hum of insects as a sound drop.