Arm Breaker 500ml bottles

Arm Breaker IPA 6.0 Swan Brewery

Colour: Golden

Hops: Admiral, Goldings

Grains: Pale Maris Otter, crystal, wheat

Availability: From our brewery shop, open Fridays 9.30 to 12.30. Many of our bottle stockists have added Arm Breaker IPA to their selection.

For those of you who look for a stronger bottled ale to savour, Arm Breaker IPA at 6.0%, a quintessential English IPA will be just the thing.  We've brewed this ale for cask purposefully infrequently and it always has people asking for more, especially in the Black Country.  Now we are bottling a gyle for your drink-at-home pleasure.

This isn’t your American reimagining of an IPA – so you will experience a different hop character and colour to other IPAs that are out there. We have carefully selected a balance of malts to achieve a colour true to a quintessential IPA.  Beers were generally darker in colour back in Empire days than nowadays, with the relative term of a pale(r) ale having a different reference point on the colour scale.

The Admiral bittering hop is introduced during the boil, and is beautifully complemented by Goldings, used plentifully in the late boil.

Admiral and Goldings hops ready for Arm Breaker IPA strong bottled ale
Admiral and Goldings hops for Arm Breaker IPA strong bottled ale

We hope you enjoy this old English style of this beer classic.