Black Swan

Black Swan from Swan Brewery pump clip

Colour: Deep, dark, divine.

Hops: First Gold.

Grains: Chocolate, crystal, pale malts. Roasted barley. Wheat.

Availability: Limited bottled stock.

The making and baking of Black Swan roasted coffee stout.
The making and baking of Black Swan roasted coffee stout.

Black Swan is a roasted coffee stout that will make your weekends complete and what else could a dark delicious stout from Swan Brewery possibly be called?

Chocolate and crystal malts plus roasted barley in the grist create the dark, inviting colour of the stout.  It's also these grains that intrinsically give a coffee, chocolate or roasted flavour to a stout.  We've enhanced the coffee character with the addition of cold brewed roasted Peruvian coffee from Method Roastery.  Until we met the Method Roastery team we hadn't tried cold brew coffee, but it was exactly the right process for our Black Swan roasted coffee stout.

The bitterness comes from First Gold: Black Swan is a stout that showcases the flavours of the malt, but a relatively small addition of early hops is made in the copper.

The grain blend looked lovely to the eye, smelled amazing, and gave a speckled appearance to the "stout loaf" we just had to bake.

We'd recommend enjoying a pint of Black Swan in Watson's Ale House in Knighton after a hike on Offa's Dyke.

If you like to sup a stout after an afternoon sorting out your garden, our Black Swan is also available in bottles.