Swan on the Wye 500ml bottles

Swan on the Wye 4.2 Swan Brewery

Colour: Dark straw - almost light gold.

Hops: Challenger, Summit and Calypso.

Grains: Pale Maris Otter malt.

Availability: From 3rd March 21.

Swan on the Wye is a pale ale, hopped with Challenger and late hopped with Summit and Calypso.  The hops have been selected to deliver light, floral notes, fitting with the feel-good, taste-good sensation of this beautiful bottled ale.  Swan on the Wye isn't shy about its hop character; a few sips of this and you'll be mentally fast-forwarding to summer.

The pale, almost straw-coloured liquid is a colour redolent of long days, of post prandial drinks taken in the garden.

This delightful pale summer ale was first brewed for the 2016 Beer on the Wye.  Beer on the Wye started about the same time Jimmy Swan moved to Herefordshire, so he's seen it grow in scale and the numerals ratchet up.