Mutation from Swan Brewery pump clip

Colour: Deep gold.

Hops: Pilgrim, Citra, Comet.

Grains: Pale malt, wheat, crystal.

Availability: From 29th June 20. Limited stock.

Swan Brewery is launching a 5.5% West Coast IPA, you say?  That's different.  For our new Mutation, we looked to brew an IPA that would live up to the meaning of its name, to be a contrast, divergence and change to our existing portfolio of beers.

Grown in the North Western United States, Citra and Comet hops offer bold aromas of grapefruit, mango, lime and pine in this West Coast IPA.  Mutation layers an understated malt backbone with a hit of crisp spicy, cedar notes from Pilgrim, topped with the punch of stateside aroma hops.

Mutation holds its head high and carries its 5.5% strength with ease.

Does the name Mutation ring any other bells?  Whether you clicked the natural origin of the name straight away or needed it spelling out, depends on your knowledge of our native birds and perhaps if you tuned in to Springwatch.  The UK is home to three types of swan: mute, Bewick’s and whooper with mute swans staying here all year round.  Mute mutated into Mutation.

Cask Mutation West Coast IPA will be available from 29th June.  The canned version of Mutation will be ready 9th July.

**A limited quantity of Mutation in 4, 9, 18 pint take out containers will be available for deliveries / collection 2nd / 3rd July; 9th / 10th July and 16th / 17th July.  **