Mortimer Ale 500ml bottles

Mortimer Ale 4.5 Swan Brewery

Colour: Ruby coloured

Hops: Instone and Ernest

Grains: Pale, wheat, crystal, chocolate

Availability: Launching 31st August 2018.

This ruby coloured ale has a name that evokes local history, plus it's created history of its own.  It is a uniquely hopped ruby ale, with Instone and Ernest hops.  The former is derived from a wild hop, likely to be a Fuggles seedling and it had never been brewed with commercially before Mortimer Ale.  Simon Parker of Instone Court in Munderfield is the hop grower.  The pleasing ruby colour and 4.5% ABV have created a beer with plenty of character.  Look out for the smoky notes from the chocolate malt, and an overall rich fruitiness.

Mortimer Country is north Herefordshire, the heart of the Marches, and is named for the Mortimer family, powerful Marcher Lords.  You can find out more through the Mortimer History Society.

Be decadent and pack yourself a bottle of Mortimer Ale for an afternoon treat when you head out for a stroll.  Pick up some apples and cobnuts from Instone Court's amazing 24 hour farm vending.