Green Swan

Green Swan green hop beer

Colour: Pale gold.

Hops: Early - from Instone Court; Late - from Townend Farm.

Grains: Pale Maris Otter, crystal, wheat.

Availability: Brewing 3rd September and 21st September.

Green Swan is our well-regarded green hop beer.  This year the Herefordshire hop harvest runs from late August through September.  The hot dry weather has tweaked the dates that the farmers will start harvesting their bines.  If you are travelling through the county you may see heavily laden wires in hop yards in Dilwyn, Ashperton, Bosbury, Munderfield being relieved of their hop bines for another year.  Locally grown hop varieties include Fuggles, Goldings, Instone, Olicana, Cascade, Challenger, Admiral and Jester.

How can you celebrate the hop harvest?  On Friday 7th September we have a Tasting Day from 9am to 11pm, with at least four different beers on tap, all featuring local hops.  Food will be served from 4pm and Europe’s most inland sea shanty group, Hobson’s Choice, will be singing from 8pm.

This year we are brewing 2 green hop beers, one in the early part of the harvest, from Simon Parker at Instone Court in Munderfield and one towards the end from Mark and Lesley Andrews of Townend Farm in Bosbury.  The whole idea of a green hop beer is to work with the hops on the day they are picked and in as little time as possible, to infuse the ale with all their aromatics.  Tasting Days for these green hop beers are 21st September and 5th October.