Cygneture Ale

Cygneture Ale from Swan Brewery pump clip

Colour: Chestnut

Hops: Admiral in the copper, late hopped with Goldings. Target and Goldings in FV

Grains: Pale and crystal

Availability: Mid February 2020 while stocks last.

Drawing from the rich repertoire of potential swan related names, and aiming to showcase his careful and thoughtful approach to brewing, Jimmy Swan chose Cygneture Ale for this lower ABV ale.

Cygneture Ale is a flavoursome chestnut ale at 3.6%.  Pale and crystal malts are the backbone of the mash.  In terms of hops, Admiral and Goldings are added in the copper.  It’s also dry hopped in the fermentation vessel with Target and Goldings.  Entirely sessionable, Cygneture Ale is full bodied and has plenty of flavour.

We recommend enjoying Cygneture Ale when you've ridden your bike to the pub.  Pair it with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps (sorry Adrian) to help replenish your energy and body salts.