Swan Neck Oil

Swan Neck Oil triple hopped smooth copper ale

Colour: Copper coloured ale.

Hops: First Gold, Fusion, Flyer.

Availability: Mid January 2020.

Swan Neck Oil is a triple hopped copper coloured ale.

All English malt and all local hops steer you to recognise a modern classic in Swan Neck Oil.  At 3.4% the alcohol by volume is low, yet there is a fullness on the mouth delivered by First Gold, Fusion and Flyer hops.  The hops are added: First Gold early in the boil, Fusion at the end of the boiling in the copper and Flyer in the fermentation vessel.  The copper colour is middle of the road, not too light, not too dark.  The swan neck through which pints are pulled and neck oil - meaning beer - are cut and shunted to give the name Swan Neck Oil.