Green Swan 500ml bottles

Green Swan 4.1 Swan Brewery
Green Swan 4.1 Swan Brewery

Colour: Pale gold.

Hops: Godiva hops from Townend Farm.

Grains: Pale Maris Otter, crystal, wheat.

Each year at hop harvest time we await news of which hops will be ripe and ready on our designated brew day for our bottled green hop beer.  It is generally 24-48 hours before brew day that we hear from the hop farmer which of the varieties are at their peak.

In October 2019 we were delighted to brew our Green Swan for bottling with Godiva, grown at Townend Farm in Bosbury by Mark Andrews.

For a full size, 10 barrel batch of Green Swan we use considerably more weight of fresh hops than dried flowers that we use in a brew the rest of the year.  For our Green Swan recipe,  30kg of field-fresh, green hops were collected, cones only, in nets and brought back to the brewery to be added to the copper within the hour.

As you sip this bottled green hop beer you'll be transported back to harvest time and you can savour the spicy, white grape and tangerine aromas that Godiva imparts.  The ale is light golden in colour and 4.1% in strength so that neither the ABV nor the malt flavours dominate and the fresh, zingy green hops can shine in Green Swan.