Seven Swans

Seven Swans blonde ale from Swan Brewery

Colour: Light blonde.

Hops: Challenger. Late hopped with Olicana.

Grains: Extra pale malt, wheat.

Availability: In stock from late November 2018.

Our Seven Swans 4.2% crisp blonde ale is a light beer with a hop with a heritage at its heart.  The hop in question is Olicana bred from Cascade crossed with a Herefordshire male.  It’s a sister of Jester.  Mark and Lesley Andrews from Townend Farm in Bosbury were the first people to grow it commercially and it is still mostly grown at their farm.

Our hop merchant is Charles Faram, near Malvern and our use of Olicana in the Seven Swans has come about through our interest in, and support of, their breeding programme.

"The Charles Faram breeding programme was started with the ambition of developing British hop varieties that will offer the brewer new, exciting and different aromas and flavours.  Headed by Peter Glendenning, newly developed experimental hops have achieved aromas such as apricot, peach, grapefruit, lychees, passion fruit and mango, this offers a wider range of exciting British options and genuine competition to the ‘new world’ varieties of the US and NZ.  The programme’s other focus is to develop hops with improved disease resistance and good agronomic values for the grower.  So far the Charles Faram breeding programme has commercially released Jester, Olicana, Minstrel and Archer but there are many more potential new UK hops in development and some very exciting prospects coming through."