Black Swan 500ml bottles

Black Swan 4.5 Swan Brewery

Colour: Dark - oh so dark.

Hops: First Gold.

Grains: Chocolate, crystal, pale malts. Roasted barley. Wheat.

Availability: During the cosy time of the year. Stocks until mid Feb 21.

We bring you Black Swan, roasted coffee stout - a bottled stout to warm your cockles.

Black Swan from Swan Brewery roasted coffee stout

Chocolate and crystal malts plus roasted barley in the grist create the dark, inviting colour of Black Swan.  It's also these grains that intrinsically give a coffee, chocolate or roasted flavour to a stout.  We've enhanced the coffee character with the addition of cold brewed roasted Guatemalan coffee from Method Roastery.

The bitterness comes from First Gold: Black Swan is a stout that showcases the flavours of the malt, but a relatively small addition of early hops is made in the copper.

How to enjoy this coffee stout?  Curled up on the sofa with your copy of Still Water by John Lewis-Stempel.

Our Black Swan is almost finished for a few months, but you may just be in time to reserve some through our beer order form.