Beer engine

Pint 365 beer engine

For those who are fans of our bag in box / polypin draught beer boxes, you may be interested in a home beer engine which is compatible with the boxes and can thus deliver you a proper pint.  We've partnered with Pint365 by Masons part of Harry Mason Ltd who have been producing beer pumps since 1803.

The Pint365 by Masons is the first easy to use real beer pump designed for home use.  Within minutes you will be pouring the perfect pint from either a Chrome, Brass or Copper finished Pint365.

Pint365 is totally versatile and can be used in your home bar, garage, garden, shed, man cave, with a wide range of accessories available to make your Pint365 totally flexible.


·         Pint 365 Beer Pump (Beer Engine)

·         Pipes to connect to your Box of Beer or Cider

·         Sparklers to help pour the perfect pint

·         Blanking Sparkler for between sessions

·         Drip tray

·         Instructions to set up Pint365

You can order your Chrome, Brass or Copper finished Pint365 on our order form.