American rye beer Coscoroba from Swan Brewery 4.5%

Colour: Warm amber.

Hops: Challenger, Calypso, Citra.

Grains: Pale Maris Otter, wheat, crystal rye.

Availability: 27th June 2018 for a limited period.

Practice saying Cos-cor-o-ba so you can order our American rye beer with accomplishment at the bar.  Read the description and hear the call of the Coscoroba swan on the Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust website.  You can be ready for the pub quiz question and be first off the mark to answer that the coscoroba is the smallest of the swans and is found in South America.

Read on and you can also impress that the Coscoroba that is native to these isles is brewed in Leominster from a grist incorporating crystal rye, replacing some of the malted barley.  This delivers a touch of spice and subtle toffee notes.  Overlaid on this base are bold American hop notes from Calypso and Citra offering up pear, peach, mango and lime.  We've brewed warm-amber coloured Coscoroba at 4.5%.

We've timed the hatching of Coscoroba with Beer on the Wye XIV, which runs 6th to 8th July at Hereford Rowing Club.  Our official launch at the brewery is 6th July 9am to 9pm where we'll have the brewery tap open and you can have a drink on us.