Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle from Swan Brewery pump clip

Colour: Straw.

Hops: First Gold, Mosaic, Comet.

Availability: Mid March to mid April.

Bald Eagle 3.5% American Pale Ale is the first ale we've brewed to feature US Mosaic hops.  Mosaic is a craft brewer's go-to hop with tropical fruit, blueberry and citrus characteristics. We've coupled Mosaic with Comet, another American hop, first brewed with in Swan Small Step and Swan Giant Leap.  Comet is known for its spicy, grapefruit notes. Underlying these heavenly aroma hops is a grist of principally pale Maris Otter.  English First Gold is added at the start of the boil for bittering.  At just 3.5% it's a session strength ale with plenty of character.

You can try Bald Eagle in as little as a 2 pint take out container (reusable).  We also have 4 pint, 9 pint, 18 pint and 36 pints available.  Head over to our online shop to reserve yours from 3rd March collection or delivery.

Bald Eagle is going to be available through March 2021 as signs of spring really take a hold.  We'd recommend enjoying Bald Eagle sat in the conservatory, with the doors ajar, listening to the sounds of the first lawn mower of the season in the neighbourhood.