2020 visionary golden ale

Colour: Gold.

Hops: Pilgrim (bittering); Mystic (aroma).

Availability: September 2020.

2020 is a mid golden ale which showcases Mystic hops.  Will Rogers, Group Technical Director at Charles Faram, told us the background to how Mystic came along...

"Mystic is a daughter of Jester (so a grand daughter of Cascade).
September is a busy time of year in hop breeding. We nurture the plants all year and with new varieties we have a small window in which to identify promising strains. Mystic was one of 5000 (approx.) planted that year. By September we have reduced the numbers to about 50 from that year plus a few hundred from previous years. Peter Glendinning and I go out into the nursery hunting for good plants and good aromas. This is mostly done in the evening. Mystic was discovered during one of these sessions. We were sampling green aromas, the light was drawing in and Peter was trying to persuade me that it was time to finish and enjoy a beer. Knowing that it is easy to miss great aromas at this time I insisted that we did just a couple more. So Mystic hops were discovered in the half light, we could barely see the plants, but it was incredible!  Mystic has an intensity but what I love about it most is the clarity of the aromas. You can expect blackcurrant and passionfruit."

With a story to Mystic hops like this, a hop variety not long out of development, we felt compelled to launch this beer under its original name and title, finalised way back in October 2019.  Of course that was before this year developed in to such a strange one.  Incidentally we ran a poll to ask drinkers if they felt we should go ahead with the ale and a resounding YES came back.

Join us to launch 2020 the ale at our Welcome Back Tasting Day on Friday 4th September 10am to 7pm.  There will be 5 cask ales all together, plus Mother Earth Pizza offering their stupendous wood fired pizzas.  The event will be held outside, under gazebos.