Our Beers

What can compare to the experience of a late summer’s evening in a beer garden, with your family and the nice neighbours and their kids, with an immaculate pint of a golden ale served at 12 degrees? Perhaps you prefer uncapping a bottle of a dark, divine, delicious stout when you have friends round for Saturday supper. Doesn’t a walk on a wild autumn day get even better when you stop for a couple of ruby ales in a country pub? What could showcase Herefordshire more than eating great local food accompanied by a beer brewed right here in the heart of this county?

We like all those experiences too, and we relish making Swan Brewery ales part of them.

On the face of it, a brewer has a limited selection of ingredients for beer: water, malt, hops and yeast, but in fact the options are limitless. Malts come in a spectrum of degrees of roasting, colour, and with flavour profiles such as biscuity, nutty, caramelly, toasted or chocolatey. We buy our malt from Crisp Maltings, prepared from barley grown in the east of England. We’re in the largest hop growing area in the UK – the Hopshires, comprising Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. We work with hop merchants Charles Faram to select and secure the perfect strains to fit with our recipes. Depending on the hop variety we chose, it could deliver a citrus, floral, spicy, fruity, raisiny or earthy note.

We’re often asked what will make our beers different from others out there. Our benchmark is to craft the best tasting, memorable pint amongst the beer styles that we brew. Beers with classic contours, and delicious depths. Ales with beautiful balance, mellifluous maltiness, and heavenly hops.