Brewery shop opening hours

If you’ve tried our beer in a pub and would like to enjoy it at home, we have a small brewery shop which is open on Fridays 9.30 to 2.30.  We have three beers in bottles, Swan Gold, Swan Amber and new Fool’s Gold.  The beers are available singly, in three bottle presentation packs, and in six bottle jute bags – perfect for the beer lover in your life….and that could be you!

We also have mini casks which hold 9 pints – perfect for a dinner party or a session in front of the rugby.

We supply polypins of 36 pints – ideal for a celebration event.  Please give us 48 hours notice to prepare the 9 or 36 pint options.

We’re based on the Enterprise Park in Leominster, near the police station.  We are at the brewery at other times, so feel free to knock on the door and if we are there we can open the shop for you.  Look out if Jimmy is brewing though – you might have to hang on while he adds the hops or pitches the yeast.