About Us

Leading the brewery team, Jimmy Swan has been a brewer for a quarter of a century.  Originally a biochemist by training, he was in the Class of 1995 at Heriot Watt, gaining his postgraduate Diploma in Brewing and Distilling (with distinction), before starting work in the industry.  In short order, here’s an outline of his brewing credentials.

Swan Brewery team
Swan Brewery team
  • Research Brewer – Brewing Research Foundation International, Surrey
  • Brewing and Racking Brewer – Hall & Woodhouse, Dorset
  • Production Manager – Muntons, Suffolk
  • Head Brewer – Wye Valley Brewery, Herefordshire

Jimmy can be said to love beer and knows what he likes to drink.  He enjoys classic British styles, as well as more unusual recipes, and has a well trusted palate for beer tasting.  Jimmy has many regional, national and international awards to his name, and has developed the recipes for some well-known beers.  Jimmy is the Head Brewer and a founding partner of Swan Brewery.

The other partner is Gill Bullock who looks after sales, marketing and finance.  You might also find her behind the bar in the brewery tap or at food fairs and festivals, quite possibly dressed up as…something!

Jacob joined the two partners in 2018 as brewing assistant, mainly supporting Jimmy on cask washing and filling, stock management and vessel cleaning.

Watch the brewery team in action in the video below.