Spitting Feathers

Spitting Feathers

Pale refreshing ale
Aroma:Tropical fruit
Hops:Cascade, Pilgrim
Grains:Wheat, Pale Maris Otter

Spitting Feathers 3.6% pale refreshing ale is another ale in our portfolio that showcases UK Cascade.  Why do we love Cascade so much?  It adds such splendid floral, grapefruit hop character to a beer, perhaps gentler than its American cousin but nonetheless redolent of New World hop varieties.  Herefordshire Pilgrim hops are added in the early boil.  We brew Spitting Feathers with a light malt load of Pale Maris Otter.

Our Spitting Feathers is a bit of a maverick.  How the recipe came about is a tale that can only be told as the sun goes down on a Tasting Day and even then it must only be whispered.  There are two camps as to the meaning of the name, possibly related to age and whether you are from the north or south.  Firstly, to some it means angry, or agitated, arising from the imagery of someone foaming at the mouth when angry, or even of losing feathers like an agitated bird in a cockfight.  For others, their understanding is that spitting feathers means extremely thirsty.  At 3.6%, we’ll allow you take a few quick gulps of this refreshing ale to quench that thirst.

Spitting Feathers is the idea pint to accompany a Sunday lunch.  Try the Kilpeck Inn located in the beautiful south Herefordshire countryside for amazing local and seasonal food, real ales and fine wines in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This beer is a seasonal special so it isn’t available for sale at the moment.

Have a look at the Our Beers page to see the programme for specials in 2022.

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