English Amber Ale
Aroma:Malty, nutty
Colour:Deep amber
Hops:Challenger, Cascade, Endeavour
Grains:Wheat, Crystal, Amber, Chocolate, Plumage Archer

A new beer in 2021, Plumage 4.8% is an English deep amber ale.  Brewed with all Herefordshire and Worcestershire hops and an English heritage malt variety, it highlights the magnificent British ingredients that brewers can work with.  At 4.8% it is full bodied and satisfying.

The name Plumage is a perfect fit for a beer from Swan Brewery but it’s also in the name of a heritage malt.  Quoting from Crisp Malt: Plumage Archer is the offspring of Plumage and Archer and was the world’s first commercially produced cross-bred barley. It was developed by Dr Beavan at Warminster Maltings. It had a similar impact on the brewing world as Chevallier and for many years they sat side by side, each providing their own nuance to 20th century British beers.

Plumage Archer heritage malt alone would yield a light ale: 4 other, darker, grains feature in the recipe, resulting in a deep amber ale.

For the hops, Challenger is used in the early stages of the boil for the bittering notes, with brewery firm-favourite UK Cascade (floral, grapefruit, orange) coupled with Endeavour for late hop character.  Endeavour, which also features in Winter Swanderland, is known for its blackcurrant, spice and lemon notes.

Plumage was almost Beautiful Plumage…can you think why?

This beer is a seasonal special so it isn’t available for sale at the moment.

Have a look at the Our Beers page to see the programme for specials in 2022.

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