Green Swan

Green Swan

Herefordshire green hop beer
Aroma:Resinous, herbal, fresh
Grains:Wheat, Pale Maris Otter, Amber

Green Swan is our well-regarded green hop beer.  Only during the hop harvest can hops be harvested and brewed with on the same day.  We work closely with Herefordshire hop growers to select a hop variety that is perfectly ripe and ready on the nominated brew day.  Think of the difference between cooking with dried or fresh herbs and you’ll have an idea of the impact of brewing with completely fresh, green hops.  Our Green Swan green hop beers are always 4.1%, with a subdued malt backbone of Pale Maris Otter and just a touch of crystal malt, so that the the hops are the main player in these ales.

Perhaps the most important seasonal event in a brewer’s calendar is the hop harvest.  As the majority of hops we brew with are grown in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the success of the local harvest, the yields and the hop quality are essential for our brewing for the year ahead.  It’s also the one time in the year when green hop beers can be brewed – field fresh hop cones or flowers are picked in the morning and added to the brew within 3 hours to impart a marvellous zingy freshness to the beer.  Each year the base beer recipe for Green Swan is enhanced by the aromas of different fresh, green hops.  In 2021, we brewed 5 batches of Green Swan.  For casks the hops and growers were:

  • Goldings Green Swan – Mill End Farm, Castle Frome – Sarah Hawkins – honey, spicy
  • Fuggles Green Swan – Wyercroft Farm, Bishops Frome – Rob Hancocks – grassy, minty
  • Phoenix Green Swan – Instone Court, Munderfield – Simon Parker – chocolate, molasses
  • Jester Green Swan – Townend Farm, Bosbury – Mark Andrews – grapefruit, lychees

Our bottled Green Swan features Bullion – Instone Court, Munderfield – Simon Parker – spicy, blackcurrant and can be ordered on line, at the brewery shop, or through local farm shops and retailers such as Canon Pyon Post Office and Stores and Colliers Farm Shop.

There are certain pubs that thrive on green hops beers and share our excitement: the Wyche Inn in Malvern, the Alma in Linton and the Dragon Inn in Worcester.

This beer is a seasonal special so it isn’t available for sale at the moment.

Have a look at the Our Beers page to see the programme for specials in 2022.

Six weeks before a beer is brewed it will be marked ‘Available Soon’ and can be pre-ordered.