Farewell golden ale
Aroma:Biscuity, honey, floral
Hops:Goldings, Fuggles
Grains:Crystal, Pale Maris Otter, Amber, Chocolate, Chevallier

When you come to think back on Swan Brewery, what style of beers will you recall?  Head Brewer Jimmy Swan has enjoyed brewing the style of beers he himself favours – traditional English ales.  In a county where around 30 varieties of hops are commercially grown, Herefordshire hops have always featured strongly.  Anyone reading the profiles of Arm Breaker, Swan Fine Day, Hero’s Ale or Swan Blonde will know that Jimmy has a love affair with glorious Goldings hops.  On balance we’ve probably brewed more beers at the lighter end of the beer colour spectrum than darker.  Session strength has more been the order of the day than pokey beers – with the occasional foray in to four and a half percent territory.  And the names…always such a rich seam of puns, plays on words, colour descriptors, swan names and the odd historical reference.

Our last new brew is Swansong and it ticks several of those Swan Brewery signature boxes.  Despite a difference of opinion on whether it’s Swan Song or Swansong, we quickly settled on the name.  The main grains in the malt load are Pale Maris Otter and Chevallier heritage malt.  Chevallier is described as having a robust maltiness, like a Maris Otter turned up to eleven, with a rich marmalade character and a long aftertaste.  Amber, chocolate and crystal malts feature in the grist too for colour and body.  Jimmy wanted to work with locally grown Fuggles and Goldings, introduced at three points during the brewing process: early hops, late hops and dry hops.  This honey, floral hop character is balanced beautifully by the malt backbone.  There’s a lot in this new ale to be savoured, hence a strength of 4.4%.


This beer is a seasonal special so it isn’t available for sale at the moment.

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