Black Swan

Black Swan

Roasted coffee stout
Aroma:Roasted coffee, vanilla, burnt
Hops:First Gold
Grains:Crystal, Pale Maris Otter, Chocolate, Roasted barley, Wheat

#stoutoclock here at the brewery is all about our 4.5% roasted coffee stout, Black Swan.  Chocolate and crystal malts plus roasted barley in the grist create its dark, inviting, inky black colour.  It’s also these grains that intrinsically give a coffee, chocolate or roasted flavour stouts.  We’ve enhanced the inherent coffee character with the addition of cold brewed roasted Guatemalan coffee from Method Roastery.  Founders Mark and Tre guided us through the initial selection of coffee bean for the task in hand.  We like their stance of “Fully traceable single origin coffees, sustainably sourced and freshly roasted.”  Each season, Mark and Tre have given us their updated advice on which bean to select to complement our stout.  We are currently enjoying Black Swan enhanced with cold-brew Guatemalan Xaya.

Typical of stouts, early, bittering hops only are added, in this case First Gold, with an absence of aroma hops.  It’s all about standing back for malt to be showcased.  In Black Swan coffee stout you’ll find a full-bodied, roasted coffee, smoky flavour that is smooth and moreish.

This was one of our easiest beers to name: what else were we to name our Swan Brewery stout but Black Swan?  We brew Black Swan infrequently but when we do, you’re sure to find it at Watson’s Ale House in Knighton or the Dog Hangs Well in Ludlow.

Bottled Black Swan can be ordered on line, at the brewery shop, or through local farm shops and retailers such as The Nest in Ledbury.

This beer is a seasonal special so it isn’t available for sale at the moment.

Have a look at the Our Beers page to see the programme for specials in 2022.

Six weeks before a beer is brewed it will be marked ‘Available Soon’ and can be pre-ordered.