Cygneture Ale

Cygneture Ale

Flavoursome chestnut ale
Aroma:Malty, biscuity
Hops:Goldings, Pilgrim, Target
Grains:Flaked barley, Wheat, Crystal, Pale Maris Otter

Cygneture Ale is a flavoursome chestnut ale at 3.6%.  To describe the beer as flavoursome, there’s plenty of skill and brewing knowledge applied to both the recipe and the parameters of the brewing process itself.  At 3.6% it’s at the lower end of a typical cask ale strength (though not quite low enough for a different duty band!) but it’s important it still delivers supping satisfaction.  Pale Maris Otter and Crystal malts are the backbone of the mash, with a touch of flaked barley to give a fuller, more velvety mouthfeel.  Hops can play a part too in the overall body of the beer.  For Cygneture Ale, Admiral and Goldings are added in the copper, early and late in the boil respectively.  Further, Cygneture Ale is also dry hopped in the fermentation vessel with Target and Goldings.  Overall, Cygneture delivers a full-bodied, malty, nutty flavour.  When referring to a chestnut ale, it’s all about the colour, with no conkers or sweet chestnuts coming anywhere near the beer!

From the Latin for swans, cygnus, comes the name of their young, cygnets.  We talk about our pilot plant as our “Cygnet Plant”.  As well as being an expert brewer, Jimmy Swan isn’t a bad wordsmith either.  He’s the one behind the name Winter Swanderland.  This 3.6% flavoursome chestnut ale really does showcase Jimmy’s expertise as a brewer, hence Cygneture Ale is a deserved moniker.

We’d recommend enjoying Cygneture Ale at the Greyhound in Llangunllo.  An open wood fire is at the heart of this cosy traditional real ale pub situated in the Welsh Border village of Llangunllo near Knighton in Powys.  Paul and Jackie are your hosts at the Greyhound which has featured in the Good Beer Guide for several years and hosts occasional music events.  Paul always keeps a lower strength ale on tap, which is a good move for any drivers who make the trip out to his pub.



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