Lemner Ore

Lemner Ore

Deep golden ale
Aroma:Not yet stated
Colour:Deep gold
Hops:Challenger, Cascade
Grains:Wheat, Crystal, Pale Maris Otter

Herefordshire Cascade hops grown over at Townend Farm in Bosbury have proved very popular in a number of ales that we brew.  Two of our regular ales feature the UK version of Cascade – a hop that also grows in the US.  Ruffled Feathers and Swan Blonde are enhanced with tropical fruit notes on the palate and nose from Cascade hops.  Jimmy Swan has brewed with Cascade again in Lemner Ore, generously hopping the beer late in the boil in the copper.  The deep golden colour is a shimmering delight, and of course fitting with the Ore in the beer’s name.  At 4.1%, it’s in the middle ground between sessionable and premium.

The fine wool fleece from Ryeland sheep raised around Leominster in the Tudor period gave rise to the term Lemster Ore (ore meaning gold).  The high prices which the fleeces could achieve allowed the town, through its wool market, to thrive.  We’ve changed Lemster to Lemner, a vernacular term for the town usually applied with backhanded affection.

Let’s give the last word on Lemster / Lemner Ore to Elizabethan poet Michael Drayton.

“Where lives the man so dull, on Britain’s farthest shore,
To whom did never sound the name of Lemster Ore?
That with the silkworm’s web for smallness doth compare”


This beer is a seasonal special so it isn’t available for sale at the moment.

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