Bewick’s Best

Bewick’s Best

Full-bodied copper ale
Aroma:Rich, malty, spicy
Hops:Challenger, Goldings
Grains:Wheat, Crystal, Pale Maris Otter, Chocolate

Bewick’s Best is a proper best bitter at 4.5%, with Challenger hops added at the beginning of the boil for crispness and Head Brewer’s favourite Goldings hops for spicy, honey aromatic hop character.  These two hop varieties are grown locally, with Challenger’s first brew being in the early 70s and Goldings being a venerable breed from at least as far back at the 19th century.  This classic best bitter is full bodied with notes of sweetness from the crystal malt.  Both the crystal malt and the chocolate malt together create a shimmering copper hue that speaks of this best bitter’s warming and welcoming character.  Of course Bewick’s in the beer name comes from Cygnus columbianus bewickii, Bewick’s Swan.

To celebrate a special birthday for Jimmy Swan, the Bullock, the Swan and our two Cygnets headed to WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre for An Evening with the Swans in early 2020.  This was a chance to see its hundreds of Bewick’s swans on the illuminated evening lake.  We watched the wardens feeding the Bewick’s, commenting on behaviours and sharing the details of the birds’ incredible journey back to Gloucestershire each winter, from destinations as far away as arctic Russia.

This beer is a seasonal special so it isn’t available for sale at the moment.

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