Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

American pale ale
Aroma:Mandarin, grapefruit
Hops:Comet, Mosaic, First Gold
Grains:Wheat, Pale Maris Otter

Bald Eagle 3.5% American Pale Ale features US Mosaic hops.  Mosaic is a craft brewer’s go-to hop with tropical fruit, blueberry and citrus characteristics. We’ve coupled Mosaic with Comet, another American hop known for its spicy, grapefruit notes. Underlying these heavenly aroma hops is a grist of principally pale Maris Otter.  English First Gold is added at the start of the boil for bittering.  At just 3.5% it’s a session strength ale with plenty of character.  Head Brewer Jimmy Swan uses his decades of experience of raw materials, process and recipe development to craft lower strength ales in to remarkable drinks.

You may be puzzling over the lack of swan pun in this beer name.  We had planned a charity head shave in Spring 2020 and wanted to use our newly launched beer to publicise the charity and the event.  Since the beer was to be an American Pale Ale, the name Bald Eagle, with its American connections fell on our laps.  Sadly COVID prevented the event taking place in front of an audience, but you can see here the results of the first stage of the head shave which went ahead anyway.

We’ve brewed Bald Eagle American Pale Ale several times; it’s proved really popular with publicans and drinkers alike, usually with the whole batch pre-selling before its finished fermenting.  Our limiting factor has been availability of Mosaic and Comet, which we did not contract, due to caution in relation to the pandemic.  We’re looking forward to being able to obtain these sought-after hops in 2022 and get back to brewing Bald Eagle more regularly.  One place we know that keeps a great pint of Bald Eagle American Pale Ale is The Press Room in our brewery home town of Leominster.

“…delighted to find your fabulous ale, Bald Eagle on tap.  I was driving so it was great to find an ale on offer at 3.5% and for such a low gravity was surprisingly very refreshing and full of flavour.”

This beer is a seasonal special so it isn’t available for sale at the moment.

Have a look at the Our Beers page to see the programme for specials in 2022.

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