Beer Home Delivery

Home delivery

Thursday 9th April
We are delivering in the Leominster, Hereford, Bromyard, Tenbury wonky diamond.  This includes places such as Bartestree, Bodenham, Burley Gate, Holmer, Kimbolton, Marden, Moreton, Pencombe, Preston Wynne, Pudleston, Sutton St Nicholas, Wellington.

Friday 10th April
We are delivering in the Leominster, Ludlow, Presteigne, Hay-on-Wye quadrilateral (almost a rhombus)!  This includes places such as Bromfield, Dilwyn, Eardisley, Eardisland, Monkland, Kington, Luston, Weobley, Whitney, Wigmore, Yarpole.

Please come back to check this page in case government advice changes and we have to adjust our service accordingly.  The brewery and shop are not open for take outs.

Draught Beer

4 pint beer bag for home delivery

For draught beer, we have 4, 9, 18 and 36 pint options.  We’d be grateful if you would consider having bright, fresh beer as part of your order as we have plentiful stock.  It’ll last over the weekend.  We’ve reduced the price of the 2 smallest packs:

4 pint beer bag £8 (£2 per pint)
9 pint mini cask £17 (£1.89 per pint)
18 pint polypin £28 (£1.56 per pint)
36 pint polypin £50 (£1.39 per pint)

9th and 10th April we will have NEW Bald Eagle 3.5%, Swan Gold 4.0%, and Black Swan 4.5%.  Read about them on our beers page.

Bottled beer

The only bottled beer we can deliver a full case of is Green Swan 4.1% 12 x 500ml bottles = £24
Our other beers are only available as mixed cases, which are £24 and will feature 4 bottles of Green Swan plus a selection of:
Swan Gold 4.0%
Black Swan 4.5%
Winter Swanderland 4.8%
Swan Giant Leap 5.0%
Arm Breaker 6.0%

How it works

Our preferred way to receive orders is via email
Please provide us with: your name, address, tips to find you, a safe place to leave your beer, a mobile or phone number and of course your order.

Failing that, ring 01568 617709, ring or message 07377 728822 and we’ll sort it out from there. You can also send us messages via Facebook or Twitter.Please ,

The minimum order value for a delivery is £24 plus a £2 delivery charge.  There is no delivery charge for orders above £48.  You can top up a draught beer order with single bottles of beer (£2.40 for all but Arm Breaker which is £2.50) or some of the other local artisan produce listed below.

Payment by BACS please.
Our bank details are Swan Brewery LLP 30-80-55 72810468
Please add your name as a reference.

Other goodies

For Thursday 9th April Hereford deliveries only and Friday 10th April all locations – 640g loaf of Nizi Sourdough at £3.50

For all deliveries:

Ludlow Gin 70cl – all styles £40
Ludlow Gin 5cl miniatures £5.95

Penrhos 5cl miniatures – London Dry, Apple & Elderflower, Rhubarb £5.50
Penrhos Blueberry Liqueur £19.95

Coldwell Farm cider or perry 500ml £2.80
Celtic Marches ciders 500ml £2.80

Risbury Rapeseed Oil 250ml garlic, basil or chilli £4.50

Black Country pork scratchings £1.50 for a small sharing pack.