Beer Home Delivery



If you recommend our beer home delivery service to a friend, we will say thank you with a free 4 pinter of beer with your next order AND a bottle of beer for them with theirs.  Please tell your friend to let us know that you made the recommendation.


Thursday 28th May – please order by 6pm the day before.
We are delivering in the Leominster, Bromyard, Bishops Frome, Hereford quadrilateral.  This includes places such as Bartestree, Bodenham, Bredenbury, Burley Gate, Checkley, Holmer, Marden, Moreton, Munderfield, Pencombe, Preston Wynne, Sutton St Nicholas, Tarrington, Wellington.

Friday 29th May – please order by 6pm the day before.
We are delivering in the Leominster, Ludlow, Presteigne, Hay-on-Wye quadrilateral (almost a rhombus)!  This includes places such as Bromfield, Dilwyn, Eardisley, Eardisland, Monkland, Kington, Luston, Pudleston, Weobley, Whitney, Wigmore, Yarpole.  We can also deliver in and close to Wellington on a Friday.

Draught Beer

Selection for home delivery end May 20

For draught beer, we have 4, 9, 18 and 36 pint options.  Shelf life is 3-5 days from delivery.
Beer available for delivery 28th and 29th May: Swan Gold 4.0% refreshing golden ale; Swan on the Wye 4.2% pale summer ale; Bewick’s Best 4.5% full bodied copper ale (limited stock).

4 pint beer container £8 (£2 per pint)
9 pint mini cask £17 (£1.89 per pint)
18 pint polypin £28 (£1.56 per pint)
36 pint polypin £50 (£1.39 per pint)

Bottled beer

Swan Gold 4% refreshing golden ale – £24 per case of 12 x 500ml
Arm Breaker 6% IPA – £25 per case of 12 x 500ml
Black Swan 4.5% roasted coffee stout – £24 per case of 12 x 500ml (SOLD OUT – only in mixed cases for the last week in May)
Mixed Case of 6 Swan Gold, 4 Arm Breaker IPA and 2 Black Swan = £24.30.
This will change from June to be 4 each of Swan Gold, Arm Breaker and Bewick’s Best at £24.50.
Hop and Apple (H&A) mixed cases – 2 Swan Gold, 2 Arm Breaker, 2 Black Swan, 6 mixed local ciders = £28
If there is a particular permutation of beers and / or ciders you are looking for, let us know.
You can buy loose bottles, not necessarily full or mixed cases, but please note the minimum order value of £24.

Bewick’s Best 4.5% full bodied copper ale in bottles will be available for deliveries from 4th and 5th June.

How it works

Our preferred way to receive orders is via email  As some of the stock levels are limited, please order early in the week to guarantee your choices.
Please provide us with: your name, address, tips to find you, a safe place to leave your beer, a mobile or phone number and of course your order.

Failing that, ring 01568 617709, ring or message 07377 728822 and we’ll sort it out from there. You can also send us messages via Facebook or Twitter.

The minimum order value for a delivery is £24 plus a £2 delivery charge.  There is no delivery charge for orders above £48.

Payment by BACS please.
Our bank details are Swan Brewery LLP 30-80-55 72810468
Please add your name as a reference.

Other goodies

Ludlow Gin 70cl – London Dry / Triple Citrus and Pomegranate / Spiced / Hibiscus, Orange and Pink Peppercorn / Elderflower, Chamomile and Lemon Verbena £40
Ludlow Gin 5cl miniatures £5.95

British Framboise and Cassis

Penrhos Gin 5cl miniatures – London Dry, Apple & Elderflower, Rhubarb £5.50 each or all three for £15.95
Penrhos Blueberry Liqueur £19.95

White Heron British Cassis or British Framboise 500ml £20

Coldwell Farm cider or perry 500ml £2.80
Celtic Marches ciders 500ml (Slack Alice, Thundering Molly, Lily the Pink, Abrahalls) £2.80

Risbury Rapeseed Oil 250ml basil or chilli £4.00


Brewing yeast can be used for baking.  It’s known as barm – hence barm cakes!  We have a limited supply of barm which we can include with your beer order at £2 for a jam jar (which we are donating to charity).  Until we have brewed each week we won’t know how much surplus we will have, but please let us know if you’d like some and we will do our best to bring it along.  For deliveries 28th and 29th May we will have plenty of yeast.


Here’s Jimmy’s beer quiz with the answers.  Winners are: John Evans; Luke Williams; David Swatton and Harriet Guest.

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