Arm Breaker IPA

Arm Breaker English IPA

Colour: Rich, deep golden

Hops: Goldings, Admiral

Grains: Pale, wheat, crystal

Availability: A sneaky brew late May 18.

Head Brewer Jimmy Swan wanted to devise an ale with local ingredients - one that has a history of being a true British classic.  With its history of quenching the thirst of the British Indian Army, India Pale Ale, British brewed and shipped over the seas in the nineteenth century was his inspiration.

Arm Breaker India Pale Ale Recipe

This recipe is about being true to the original style of IPA.  A relatively high ABV would be needed to survive several weeks' travel to India.  High hopping would help with the preservation of the beer due to its bacteriostatic function.  The hops chosen by Jimmy are Admiral and Goldings.  The Admiral bittering hop is introduced during the boil, and is beautifully complemented by Goldings, used plentifully in the late boil.

Due consideration has been given to the balance of malts to achieve a colour true to a quintessential IPA.  Beers were generally darker in colour back in Empire days than nowadays, with the relative term of a pale(r) ale having a different reference point on the colour scale.

We've named this IPA Arm Breaker as a nod to the widespread belief that swans "can break a man's arm, you know!"  It's also a teasing reference to the 6% ABV.  Enjoy Arm Breaker IPA with a dhal and brown rice, a chapatti and lime pickle.